Bring your work for the Post-Pixel exhibit

Dear All,
Last semester,  Art Department faculty and students met to discuss the campus-wide response to the newly installed and commissioned
public art by Willie Cole, “Pixels”. That meeting inspired the idea of an exhibition, showing works made by you, to reflect, process and make visible
your thoughts, feelings and complex responses to the range of campus reactions.

The Art Department is excited to announce that the exhibition, entitled Post-Pixel, will accept works for the show Wednesday, Jan. 20- from 10am-3pm.

Drop-Off Procedure:
Work is due tomorrow.
Bring work to the art office, room 321, on the third floor and sign-in your work with Karen Ferrara.

POST-PIXEL Important dates:

Exhibition Dates: Wednesday Jan. 27th – Feb. 10th, 2010
Exhibit Opening: Wednesday January 27th • 5-7pm
Exhibition Location: Art and Interactive Multi-Media Building, Rooms 111 and 119


December 1; Alumni presentation

Sean McNulty, TCNJ graduate and now an executive producer at HBO, will
be coming to campus on December 1 for an informal talk and discussion
session in the Library auditorium at 4:30 p.m.  All interested parties
are welcome; please feel free to join us.